Investor guides offer comprehensive financial data that helps the investor to make the right decision on a financial investment

Investor guides offer comprehensive financial data that helps the investor to make the right decision on a financial investment. The approach is clear, concise and credible. They offer accurate information regarding the financial market in a bid to attract investments. Informative investor guides offer information sector-wise and company-wise. They determine the profits and the performance of shares of that particular sector.


Investor Guide

Make the highest possible return on investment

Explain the most popular and successful investment options

Explain the common mistakes that are made, if any

Save time by aiding while making decisions

Are simple and flexible while managing the funds

Explain the different types of investment options and their benefits

Detail the key numbers and ratios that need to be monitored

Explain the taxation policies and reductions

Provide different tools and methods to help analyze better especially in forecasting profits

Explain strengths and weaknesses of key valuation measures

Explain the leverages and advantages in choosing certain accounts

Offer company’s performance and management factors

Investor guides are a boon to both novice and experienced investors in choosing an investment option. Investor guides also clearly explain the taxation policies for each option. Investors tax guide minimize the tax burden by explaining policies like ISAs, child trust funds and VCTs. Explanations of the UK financial jargon help the investors to understand the finance sector better. 

In the UK, these investor guides explain in detail the four popular options which include:

  • Financial Spread Betting Investor Guide

This is a high-risk-option where there is no guarantee on returns. There is neither capital tax nor stamp duty. Voting rights and influencing the senior management are discouraged. UK retail investors especially take advantage and offer better service and tighter spreads. Investment is made on commodities, equities, currencies and indices. Spread betting investor guides also offer reviews and help trade in such markets. They trace the history of spread betting, comprehensive reviews, types of bets, types of orders, margins, trading instruments, latest market developments, trading news and broker comparison services. 

  • Share Dealing and Stock Trading Investor Guides

Such investor guides carry explanations of stock markets, analysis, reviews and performance of the companies in every sector. There is a stamp duty charged and all positions are paid in full. One will not profit from a falling stock. Savings and Cash ISA accounts guarantee predefined returns. Stock investor guides provide detailed comparison of share dealing accounts which explain safe and cheaper options. They provide overviews of the stock market, trading techniques and strategies, latest market developments and broker prices.

  • Contract for Difference Trading (CFD) Investor Guide

The investors are charged income tax and they are allowed to go long or short. Retail investors and traders in London try to leverage this fact. Most banks provide CFD trading. Commissions vary with brokers. Therefore, a comprehensive CFD investor guide will compare the charges and reviews of the CFD providers and brokers. They provide the history, overall views, margin requirements, financing costs, trading strategies, different company contracts and comparisons on brokers.


Investor Guides

  • Market Guide Investor enables the investor to receive better returns by minimizing both risks and costs in the stock market. These investor guides are educational to beginners and guide the experienced in making the right decisions. They compare the charges and reviews of the brokers which helps you to choose the right stockbroker. In case you want to directly access the market, then they guide you for the same. Metrics and the entire stock market process are clearly examined and discussed. For those investors interested in international investments or alternative investment market (AIM), there is ample information regarding such fascinating equity instruments 
  • Investor Guide on pension have a two-way approach to a regular income and comfortable future. It includes an increasing investment while working and investing wisely for a regular return. Tax-free personal pensions run by fund management or life insurance companies are the traditional investment options. Self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) are personal pension schemes and in addition, they allow you to invest in shares or property. Annuities also offer regular income by saving wisely. Topics on all these options are available in these pension investor guides. The investor can choose among ‘Guide to personal pensions’, ‘guide to Sipps’, or ‘guide to annuities’ 
  • Investor Guides to collective funds are a pool of funds collected to reinvest. The fund can be invested in a unit trust or an open-ended investment company (OEIC). The funds investor guides explain the capital markets, portfolio diversity and tools for analyzing the profitable option. They also offer guidance on which financial advisor to choose especially when the investor is interested in trading on commodities and emerging markets.
  • Short-term Trading Investor Guide helps achieve higher profitability in a reduced time interval. Spread betting, CFDs, fixed odds, binary bets, accelerated trackers, covered warranty, futures and turbos are short-term trading instruments. There are separate short-term investor guides available for every instrument that advice the investor in a clear and precise manner.
  • Alternative Investor Guides offer the incredible choice of exotic investment options. The investor can choose from property, foreign exchange, cars, wine and art. Browse among investor guides to property investment, foreign exchange investment and assets. 
  • Investor Guide to Bond Basics help you to choose the best single premium life insurance policy that gives long-term capital growth. The returns are available as bonus amounts. Such investor guides explain in detail regarding equities, overseas equities, commercial property and cash. Comparisons of the life insurance companies and the commission charges availed by them are made. Thus the investor can wisely choose the bond that offers him a good return on his investment. 


Investor Guides In the UK

  • Independent Investor Guides are comprehensive and useful to many of the private investors in London.
  • Investor Guide explores the various options for making a sound investment. 
  • Interactive Investor Guide is regulated by the Financial Services Authority to provide accurate and credible information. They provide various investment options and their respective taxation policies.