Networking has therefore become mandatory for business success. It’s all about interacting, communicating and exploiting the information available at hand.

The advent of technology has transformed our universe into one seamless destination. The internet has literally transcended all boundaries. Networking has therefore become mandatory for business success. It’s all about interacting, communicating and exploiting the information available at hand. The more you expand your reach, the chances of success brightens. Entrepreneurs no longer have a localized approach; they are keener on enjoying a global presence while looking for investors or funding. Although a wider accessibility also means fiercer competition, fund seekers still prefer it while finding investors because the spectrum provided is wide enough for them to select their type of investors.

If you are an entrepreneur and are looking for investors online, the task could prove daunting.

There are two challenges here. While you may lay your hands on the contact details of thousands of investors from so called high net worth mailing lists spamming them with you investment proposal may not be the best way forward as you would not know which investor would be interested in your investment proposal by region, investment amount and industry sector. Secondly, it would be impossible to present your ideas before them in the appropriate format which would interest all of them, without any assistance. Finding an investor for your coveted venture could hence seem impossible. In a nutshell, you need a platform which provides you with the adequate resources for finding investors who would consider your venture to be a profitable one.

Angel investment networks do just that. They are known to be a mutually beneficial platform for investors and fund raisers alike. As an entrepreneur looking for investors, an angel investment network will provide you with a whole range of options. Whether you are planning a start-up based on an innovative product idea, looking for investors who could provide funds for developing your newly established business venture or looking to find an investor who would like to pump his resources into your already flourishing venture for further expansion; an angel investment network provides it all. Coupled with expert advice, the platform provides you with the much required guidance for finding investors. An angel investment network also provides assistance on seeking lucrative investment opportunities for investors.

Venture Giants is one such active angel investment network which enjoys a good customer base. Committed to serving both fund raisers looking for investors and investors in a quest to source suitable investment opportunities. 

Venture Giants provides free registration for its services. 

Popular angel investment networks have venture capitalists as well as angel investors on board. If you are looking for investors who would have more of a socialist approach to your business needs and your fund requirement is not substantially high, finding an angel investor would be ideal. Angel investors take personal interest in the business processes and you may also want to look for an angel investor who would gladly help you in monitoring your business processes closely. If you are looking for a committed investor who would also provide personal guarantee along with the funds, again finding an angel investor would be the right thing to do. Their involvement in the business processes would lead to enhanced capital volumes for your business. Another option is look for a syndicate of angel investors which could prove to be ideal if your requirement is substantially high. Portals like Venture Giants allow angel investors who share common inclinations to form syndicates and invest in respective ventures. Looking for a pool of investors would also be a safe investment option for you. In case an investor plans to pull out of a venture, he cannot do so without the consent of other investors on the panel. No decision can be taken without due consensus. So look for an angel investor syndicate if you want to avail of secure investments.

Alternatively if you are looking for investors who could provide huge venture capital funding; looking for venture capital is the best idea. However if you are looking for investors for long term associations, targeting venture capitalists may not be a great idea. Firstly, venture capitalists only invest in profitable deals. They might even contemplate pulling out of ventures if the profits start to dwindle. Also venture capitalists might also want to acquire a  stake in the company apart from the regular profits and tax benefits they enjoy. You need be prepared to manage venture capitalists well if you are looking for investors who could pump in substantial reserves into your business.

Angel investment networks also play a major role in managing the relationships between investors and entrepreneurs.

If you find an investor, the first thing to do is to discuss the terms and conditions with him at length, in black and white before getting into a professional relationship with him. When you are looking for an investor, it’s always better to have one who does not interfere too much in the decision making process. If you happen to find an investor who demands shares of the company in exchange of investments, you need to lay down the terms and conditions of the shareholding formalities in advance. Also once you have found the investor, he might ask for the first refusal option while refinancing. You need to discuss the terms and conditions at great length before you can actually ask him to finance your venture. All pre conditions should be laid down at the outset, to avoid any confusion.

Therefore if you are looking for investors, angel investment networks like Venture Giants can prove to be extremely resourceful. Not only do they provide you with useful contacts, they also help you prepare your proposal