The modern business scenario has undergone a sea change. The modus operandi of business is metamorphosing with each passing day.

The modern business scenario has undergone a sea change. The modus operandi of business is metamorphosing with each passing day. Earlier it was only about brilliant ideas, now there is a huge emphasis on networking and making your ideas available across the market. The internet has become an inseparable part of our professional and personal lives. Communicating has never been easier. For example, if you are in quest of fund investors for your business; reaching out to several of them is a matter of a few seconds. However, there is a flip side. As the reach widens, competition is bound to increase manifold. Just as targeting fund investors would be simple, you might have to battle it out with several others who are also on the lookout for suitable hedge funds, angel investors or venture capitalists

Tracking down fund investors who would be seriously inclined to invest in your idea, could be quite cumbersome despite having the World Wide Web at your disposal. 

There is too much information to be mined and channelized so that you can finally achieve what you want. Contacting fund investors and financiers who are part of hedge funds, at random, would not be enough. You must be aware of the proper way of doing so and should ideally be provided with contacts which are filtered on the basis of resource availability, preferences and interest. All in all, you require guided support to arrive at suitable fund investors who could be critical to the success of your business.

This is precisely why angel investment networks exist. They prove to be a platform which is equally beneficial for fund investors and entrepreneurs seeking funds. Operating on the basic principle of networking, angel investment networks manage a huge database of fund investors and fund seekers and play a crucial role in establishing mutually profitable relations. Angel investment networks are preferred primarily for two reasons. Firstly they offer a wide range of options. If you are seeking investments, you can come across several categories of fund investors including angel investors, venture capitalists, hedge funds etc. Similarly, fund investors also have a lot to choose from. Starting from research and development based companies which thrive  on innovative product ideas and individual quaint start-ups to well established business ventures and mid-sized organizations, fund investors will surely find an option which suits them.

Secondly, established angel investment networks offer certain amount of support an entrepreneur or fund investor might require to make a profitable transaction. Fund Investors are provided with adequate guidance and valuable insights into the prevailing market conditions, before they can risk their precious reserves. Similarly, entrepreneurs who are seeking fund investors for their respective ventures are also provided with valuable tips regarding framing of the business plan and making it seem interesting to fund investors so that they feel an urge to invest in them. The financial expertise provided by investment networks can really have a major role to play in mutually profitable transactions

Hedge funds, venture capitalists and Angel Investors have different perspectives towards business ventures. 

Angel investors are fund investors who use their personal funds for financing purposes. They normally do not have huge reserves and are fund investors who are extremely interested in small start-ups and innovative ventures which are mostly located in the vicinity and are easy to manage and monitor. Normally, they do not believe in interfering too much in the decision making processes of the companies they have invested in. Venture Capitalists on the other hand work on stringent rules and regulations which sometimes could pose unnecessary restrictions. Venture capitalists are extremely sensitive about profits more so because they are fund investors who are capable of pumping in enormous reserves into a business venture. They generally accumulate reserves from several fund investors and use them for financing companies. Venture capitalists might also want to exchange funds for equity shares, in certain isolated cases. Since they operate with cumulative reserves, they look at maximizing their reserves in every way possible. They might also prove inconsistent fund investors, in as much as they can withdraw their funds anytime in quest of higher profits.

Hedge fund is essentially an investment fund which invests in a variety of opportunities.

Hedge funds comprises of a limited number of fund investors. The range of investment of hedge funds are known to be quite broad and they also indulge in swift trading activities to maximize profits. Primarily hedge funds invest in debts, shares as well as commodities, therefore they could prove excellent fund investors if you can assure them of the profitability of the business venture. Fund investors who are part of hedge funds often resort to various tactics for minimizing losses and maximizing profits. One if them is short selling. The fund investors of a particular hedge fund, borrows securities from a broker and sells it off immediately. Post which they wait for the prices to drop and buy it back, ensuring a profitable transaction. Therefore targeting hedge funds could be an excellent idea for providing your coveted venture with the much needed economic push, since they have innovative ways of hedging funds and nullifying losses.

Some reputed angel investment networks offer investment managers who provide useful tips to fund investors so that they differentiate a profitable venture from a non profitable one. To strike a safe deal, the fund investor will primarily look at three things. These are the business plan, the revenue model and the team.  In order to attract fund investors, there has to be a feasible business plan, thoroughly worked out revenue model and also a core team in place, which would implement the plan correctly. Once these indicators are in place, a business investor can hope for a profitable transaction.