In a dim global macro economic scenario, finding suitable business ventures are becoming increasingly difficult. 

In a dim global macro economic scenario, finding suitable business ventures are becoming increasingly difficult. It is easy to make a sound business plan and a private placement memorandum. Entrepreneurs fall into frauds like shelf corp and aged corp where they deposit amounts in fraudulent concepts.  Time and effort extended in networking with investors will eventually pay off.

Investors who invest regularly in stocks, bonds and property are dependable and in demand. This has emerged as a real time solution to the need for a database of credible investors. It helps one to raise funds efficiently and quickly. A good venture capital directory offers verified and updated data on business investors such as venture capital and private equity firms.

The investor profile must include key and updated details like the type, amount and frequency of investment.

The investor profile must include key and updated details like the type, amount and frequency of investment. The key selection filters include geographical, industry, region, profiling, portfolio, type and of investment and risk susceptibility. The investor databases provide accurate and verified data of accredited investors, angel investors, private investors, wealth management firms, venture capital firms, brokerage firms, global IPO consulting firms, hedge fund lenders, mezzanine lenders, fund seed capital firms, commercial lenders, hard moneylenders, endowment funds and factoring companies. They also include private equity database, prime brokerage database, pension fund database

It is vital that these investor email databases are available to only select and limited clients. This will increase the personal hit-rate of the entrepreneur or the company.


Investor Database

Angel Investors Database is a list of business angels who aid in the funding process and take high risks which will pay better returns.

Venture Investors Database is a catalogue of individuals, companies, pension fund and insurance that offer investment collectives.

Investor Trust Database is a list of public limited companies with closed end funds that can be re-utilized for investing

Database of Hedge Fund Investors is a list of mutual funds and hedge funds for reinvesting but not traded publicly

Sovereign Wealth Fund Investors Database is a collection of state owned investment assets like stocks, property, bonds, precious metals and financial instruments.

Database of Private Investors is a list of firms that invest money in buyouts, venture capital, mezzanine capital and growth capital.

Database of Property Investors is a list of investors who purchase real estate where capital risk is involved.


Investor Database

Companies need funds to expand while entrepreneurs are in constant need of funds for their start-up operations.

Investor databases are a wealth of information to fund managers, institutions and consultants. When there is a need to raise venture capital, there is an immediate requirement to locate and contact such investors. Imagine not having to knock on doors that are not receptive to your business ideas.

Investor databases also help to network with contacts and develop business partnerships. They make it easier to contact potential clients, develop onsite prospects and increase your personal potential investor database. Initially, they try to network and expand their industrial contacts. In today’s world, it is internet and web technology that offers the largest online investor database of wealthy and potential investors.


Investor Database

  • Customize the emerging investor database to tailor the needs of the entrepreneur in a comprehensive and organized manner
  • Access to a large catalogue of business investors including all personal contact details
  • The list of business investors is sorted according to industry, geographic location and preferences
  • E-mail the selected investors in a short and simple manner
  • Easy sorting and linking methods for short listing the specific investors
  • Saves inordinate time in raising funds
  • An increased hit rate
  • Simple user software interfaces 


Investor Database

  • Name of the investor/firm
  • Primary and secondary contacts
  • Address including state, zip code and country
  • Phone Number
  • Email address and URL links
  • Assets under management
  • Description of the fund 


Investor Database

Investors can choose between free or fee based online investors databases. They are accessible anytime of the day. Remember to construct your query well to receive the information required. The Steps in using an online investor database 

  • Register all details that are required and click submit
  • Log in after authentication
  • Post your proposal that contains two sections namely brief and detailed description. The detailed description will be shared only with select clientele 


Using an

Investor Database

  • It is imperative to draft proposals that follow the online communication guidelines and ensure there is no profanity
  • The proposal must be appealing and brief clearly mentioning the required details without any grammatical mistakes. It should also mention very clearly what the investor gains
  • Ensure that any commercial information and intellectual property is not divulged
  • There is no personal information mentioned that will maintain privacy
  • Once contacts with potential investors is initiated, draw a thorough business plan 


Investor Database

These companies are some of the most reliable and trustworthy companies. They provide incredible funding contacts for raising capital in a quick and efficient manner.

  • Investor Database has a large collection of contacts like private investors, angel investors, accredited investors and venture capital firms. They offer individual investor database and packages of investor databases for fund managers, private corporations and banks. The database is in Excel format easy to download or export information.
  • List Service Direct Inc offer segmented ethnic and religious data and specific target investors database.
  • Angel Funding Project has a large list of 30,000 contacts and more who are trusted sources in the world of international finance. It is a complete solution to an angel investors database 


Investor Database 


  • Matrix Data Solutions maintain an extensive database of private investors in UK of 2.5 million affluent people. These investors are credible and invest in financial charities.
  • Angel Investor Database offers an excellent database of angel investors and venture capitalists
  • Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC has the best hedge fund investors database. It is quite comprehensive and includes launches, contact information and trends
  • Preqin is a comprehensive solution in case there is a need for institutional investors database and hedge fund database for raising capital